Terms of sale - LC&G 2019

In occasion of Lucca Comics & Games 2019, the city of Lucca in collaboration with Metro srl, organized additional parking lots for the visitors. Those parking spaces can be purchased exclusively from this website.


Choose the most suitable car park for you and pay comfortably online, get discounts on subscription packets (consecutive days). You will receive by email a voucher to be presented at the parking entrance. The voucher(s) can also be downloaded from your profile page on the website (login - MY ACCOUNT - Purchase History).


Before buying it, it is important to read the following terms of use:



    The parking lot reservation is available to anyone who wants to enjoy the service.
    It is possible to book spaces on different days according to the following amounts and procedures.
    The voucher you receive after the purchase will be requested at the entrance of the car park. Please print the voucher.
    Exit and return to the parking area are allowed only and exclusively by the voucher you receive after the purchase. It is essential to print it and keep it with care at all time.  
    In spite of the presence of staff the parking areas are not supervised, and Metro srl and the city of Lucca do not take any responsibility for any kind of damages to stuff and/or people, thefts and items left in the vehicles.
    Cars must be parked only where indicated by the staff in service.
    It is forbidden to park in front of gates, driveways and pedestrian passages, outside the assigned spaces and in positions that may in any way obstruct the traffic in the parking area.
    All cars parked irregularly will be fined and removed.

    €1,50 will be added to every reservation - even cumulative ones - as pre-sale commission. The prices shown in the following chart are applied only and exclusively on online reservations.



1 single day

MINI Subscription Packet

(2 days in a row)

MEDIUM Subscription Packet

(3 days in a row)

MAXI Subscription Packet

(4 days in a row)

FULL Subscription Packet

(5 days in a row from 30/10 to 03/11)


€ 8,50 + € 1,50

€ 16,00 + € 1,50

€ 22,50 + € 1,50

€ 28,00 + € 1,50

€ 32,50 + € 1,50


€ 18,50 + € 1,50

€ 35,00 + € 1,50

€ 50,00 + € 1,50

€ 63,00 + € 1,50

€ 74,00 + € 1,50

Exhibitors and LEVEL UP package coupons, issued by the Company Lucca Crea, are valid only for the 5-day FULL Subscription Packet. Reservations with a shorter duration are not provided and partial use will not be refunded. The coupon entitles you to a single reservation.

(Exhibitors and LEVEL UP pack)

FULL Subscription Packet

(5 days in a row from 30/10 to 03/11)


€ 27,50 + € 1,50


€ 69,00 + € 1,50


    The prices shown in the following chart are applied in case you want to enter the parking area without previous online reservation.
    Subscription packets will not be sold on the spot, only daily tickets.


1 single day


€ 10,00


€ 20,00

    All vehicles with length below 5,20 metres are considered “car”.
    All vehicles with length of more than 5,20 metres are considered “motorhomes”.
    In case the reservation you made does not respect the allocated space (for example: minivan) you will be charged an additional cost at the entrance of the car park. The entrance of trailers of any kind is not allowed. Buses (vehicles with more than 9 passengers) are not allowed.

    It is possible to insert a numberplate while booking and you change the numberplate at any time from your profile page on the website (login - MY ACCOUNT - User Data - EDIT DATA).


Your parking voucher will be valid from 6.30 am on the date of booking until 5.30 am of the following day. If you exceed your stay you will have to pay the remaining amount when exiting the parking and “offline” prices will apply. all parking aereas will have to be abandonned within 10Pm on Sunday November 3rd. Metro will not be responsible for any sanctions or fees due to for delays.  

    Neither partial nor total refunds will be made for any reason.

    It is mandatory to follow the reccomandation of the staff within the parking area concerning the spot where park the vehicle, the parking operations, the walking outside and the streaming of the people until the collection of the vehicle.

    People holding a valid parking badge for disabled persons will be able to access  for free in the Mazzini underground parking lot, in via dei Bacchettoni, from 06:30 am on until 08:00 pm on each day from 30/10/2019 to 03/11/2019 simply by showing the badge to the staff at the entrance. Entrance to the car park will not be allowed if the holder of the badge is NOT present on board.
    The parking lots reserved for disabled people can not be booked and access will be granted to those with a badge, as described, up to availability.
    It is possible to book in one of the other car parks, where a suitable space will be reserved for all operations of ascent and descent from the car with any equipment, at the indicated rates.

    It is allowed to park only in reserved places, it is forbidden to assemble verandas, tables, and any external equipment, it is also forbidden to use stabilizers. The unloading can only take place at the parking lot in Viale Luporini in the specially prepared pit.