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The access to the parking lot is unique: the abandonment of the parking area does not allow you to return, even if parking time is still available. Despite the presence of personnel, please note that the parking is not guarded, that Metro Srl and the Municipality of Lucca do not take any responsibility for damage of any kind to things and / or people, theft and objects left on board the vehicles.
Cars must be parked only where indicated by the staff in service.
It is forbidden to park in front of gates, driveways and pedestrian passages, outside the assigned spaces and in positions that may in any way obstruct the traffic in the parking area.
All cars parked irregularly will be fined and removed.

Parking areas will be available from 01.30 pm on Sunday 07/07/2019.
The staff at the parking entrance will be present until 09.30 pm on Sunday 07/07/2019.
At 6.00 am on 07/08/2019 normal parking fees will come into force.
- For the areas with free parking, the car can stay parked for free even after this deadline.
- For the parking areas, the regulation and the ordinary rates will be valid.
- For the parking areas in the structure the normal entry barriers will be reactivated and the exit after 8.00 am on 07/08/2019 can be done only with regular entry ticket or with the lost ticket option at the ordinary rates in force.
- The “Stazione” parking must be absolutely cleared by 06:00 on 07/08/2019 as at that time the gates will be closed and the subsequent recovery of any vehicles inside can only take place by appointment and payment.
It is necessary to respect the opening and closing time of the car park in order to avoid penalties.
It is not possible to leave the vehicle parked before opening the parking lot.
Metro Srl and the Municipality of Lucca are exempt from any liability in relation to this, in relation also to any fines and removals.

There are no refunds, neither partial nor total for any reason.

You can book a maximum of n. 3 parking spaces for each registration profile.
The voucher is the only valid title for access to the car park and once registered at the entrance it will no longer be possible to reuse it. Registration of the license plate number is optional and not mandatory.

It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the personnel present inside the parking area regarding the lot where to place the vehicle, for parking maneuvers, for the exit on foot.

- We consider "cars" (price € 12.00 in advance on the website and € 15.00 if purchased on site) all cars that have a length equal to or less than 5.20 meters.
- We consider "motor home" (price € 24.00 in presale on the website and € 30.00 if purchased on site) all vehicles longer than 5.20 meters.
In the event that the vehicle for which the parking is reserved, does not respect the allocated space provided (for example, minivans, vans), an integration of the price at the entrance can be requested if space for the other type of vehicle is available. Entry to trailers of any kind is not permitted. It is not allowed to enter a bus (vehicles with more than 9 occupants).

People holding a valid parking badge for disabled people will be able to access the piazza Curtatone parking lot for free. The parking will be available from 01.30 am on 07/07/2019. Entrance to the car park will not be allowed if the holder of the badge is NOT present on board.
The parking reserved for disabled people cannot be booked and access will be granted to those with a badge, as described before, as long as places are available.
It is possible to book in one of the other car parks, where a suitable space will be reserved, at the indicated rates.

It is allowed to park only in reserved places, it is forbidden to assemble verandas, tables, and any external equipment, it is also forbidden to use stabilizers.